Regular Studies

Netsonda conducts a series of regular studies providing the market with some indicators and trends, analysing their evolution over time.

There is some added information below about these studies.

This study, conducted in partnership with ACEPI, is one of the instruments that Netsonda provides all the entities involved in the trade value chain, so they can understand the evolution of the business and the main trends in e-commerce in Portugal from the supply-side perspective.

The barometer is produced quarterly on some of the most representative companies in the sector (from the point of view of turnover) covering all different kinds of business models (B2B, B2C, Home banking, C2C) and reflects a great variety of economic sectors (banking, trade, tourism, construction, press, sports and so on).

This study, conducted in partnership with ACEGE, TSF and the Observador looks at ACEGE managers and members, covering economic and sector questions along with the economic policies being conducted.

The barometer is conducted every month and its results are disclosed by TSF and the Observador.