Quantitative Research

In an ever changing market, where each consumer has its own and unique identity, companies need to know what how he feels, thinks and acts in every moment.

Netsonda’s quantitative research team have the right skills to fully develop a project in all its steps such as defining the appropriate methodology and sample, designing the questionnaire, fieldwork and quality control, and finally, data analysis and reporting, addressing the goals of our clients in a quick and competitive way.

As a Full Agency, and aiming for the quality of the output, Netsonda performs a wide range of approaches such as Online Interviews, Telephonic, Face-to-Face, via Postal, Mystery Shopping, Hall-Test or another methodology that proves to be the most appropriate for any specific scenario.

The company has an extensive experience in Ad-Hoc research, having performed countless projects to date for over 200 clients such as Concept and New Product Testing, Price Range, Packaging Test, Pre and Post Communication Test, Segmentation, Positioning, Usage & Attitudes, Satisfaction, Touch Points, Trackings, Mystery Shopper, Conjoint Analysis, Max Diff, among many others.