Qualitative Research

We know reality is complex and multifaceted. The understanding and the study of this reality requires different approaches such as Focus Groups, living with the consumer, or co-creation, Online Communities or other methodologies and techniques that are more adequate.

This is why we and our clients have been developing products, approaches and methodologies more and more in line with each challenge.

We use an extensive, varied range of methodologies and qualitative techniques depending on each project’s needs, such as:

Focus Group
Interviews of one, two or three people
Online and telephonic personal interviews
Observations (point of sales, at home …)
Accompanied shopping
Ethnographic studies (“living with the consumer”)
Protective and association techniques
Positional charts of brands and products
Consumer communities (on and offline)
Tailor-Made Workshops

Netsonda has its own facilities in Lisbon for qualitative research, in a central location, for the comfort of its clients and the consumers who take parts on their studies.

These facilities include:
1. Room for Focus Groups, interviews and usability tests
2. Room for viewing with unidirectional mirror
3. TV and audio closed circuit
4. Video and audio digital recording
5. Kitchen for product testing

Room for Focus Groups, interviews and usability tests