One of Netsonda’s expertises relates to the digital universe. In a time where brands want to keep up with the world’s largest growing platform, and where rules change each day, Netsonda presents a set of solutions to support them in defining their digital presence.

Online Communities​

Seen as a strategic asset for marketing, a community is a place where consumers (customers and non-customers) are invited to discuss ideas, share experiences and feelings or to discuss trends, helping to find solutions and business opportunities that otherwise the brand would not have access to.

The result of these communities is answers and insights with higher value and quality, in less time and with less investment.

With the creation, management and moderation from Netsonda, the participation of the community members in all marketing decisions, becomes a reality for brands.

What Likers Like

The What Likers Like study focuses on the Facebook page of a specific brand and the main aim is to gauge the impact of the following vectors on the followers:
1. Recommendation of the brand to friends (in the online and offline worlds)
2. Intention of consuming the brand
3. Page optimisation and the brand’s social activation strategy
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